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Country: France

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The Group, created by Patrick Machefert and Christiane Derory in 1992 is a family business. It’s a fact, an identity cultivated since the beginning. Thanks to his financial background, Patrick Machefert drives projects with a global vision that encourages integration at every step. Christiane Derory managed the entirety of the Les Hôtel de Paris’ decoration and renovation projects. Whether it be the ambition of the luxury Signature Collection, the sophistication of the Heritage Collection, or the efficiency of the Origine Collection, she created all the groundwork for each establishment’s layout and atmosphere.

Les Hôtels de Paris will offer you a unique experience. In the heart of Paris, choose a hotel that combines charm and tradition. The best of Paris await you in each one of the hotels belonging to the Group Les Hôtels de Paris.

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20 Avenue Jules Janin, 75116 Paris – France

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