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Country: North Macedonia

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Internesenel Hotels AD Skopje is company engaged in the tourism industry. It operates the Hotel Continental in Skopje, which offers accommodation in 194 rooms and six apartments. In addition, the Hotel operates a restaurant, night bar, convention room, business center, as well as a beauty shop and a gift shop.

Hotel Continental is the largest Hotel in the Republic of Macedonia and well known for its long tradition of excellence in room accommodation , good food as well as organization of cocktails, seminars ,conferences ,meetings, graduations and weddings.

With a sophisticated blend of contemporary style and modern flair, Continental Hotel set a new standard for luxury and elegance. High level of personalized service is provided to each of the customers with style and heart.

Served area

North Macedonia


Bul. Aleksandar Makedonski bb, 1000 Skopje – North Macedonia

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