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ISIN: PLHPRMN00037 | Ticker: HPM | LEI: 2594002ZJ1JYX83P4V39
Sector: Consumer StaplesSub-Industry: Packaged Foods & Meats
Country: Poland

About HiProMine S.A

Company Description

HiProMine was established in 2015, and the goal of the founders was to solve problems such as:

- increasing demand for protein
- reducing food waste
- exploiting the natural potential of insects on a global scale

All of this is possible while reducing the negative impact on the environment, thanks to the specific characteristics of insects and the patented HiProMine technology. The actions of the founders and engaged employees prove that food can be sustainable. The combination of nature and technology allowed for the creation of a food chain in which insects act as a bridge between agri-food industry plant waste and its conversion into wholesome products.

Currently, HiProMine is a European scale supplier of an alternative protein produced through innovative, proprietary technology of industrial insect breeding. The company’s offer is directed mainly to the market of pet food and fodder for fish farming, as well as livestock and horticulture.

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Poznańska 12F, 62-023 Robakowo – Poland

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