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ISIN: CY0006650416 | Ticker: FBI | LEI: 213800SD1NL8A59HZO43
Sector: Consumer StaplesSub-Industry: Packaged Foods & Meats
Country: Cyprus

About Alkis H. Hadjikyriacos Public LTD

Company Description

The Company was established in Nicosia in 1964, manufacturing an extensive range of biscuits. The products were distributed in the local market by the Company‘s privately owned distribution network.

Within a few years the company became a market leader in the Cyprus biscuit market, and expanded to exporting its products to Europe, Middle East, Far East, Africa and America.

Gradually, the Company diversified to importing and distributing related products to its own, and later to a wider variety of goods.

Due to further expansion and diversification, the Company now operates a Manufacturing Division, an Exporting Division, an Importing Division, a Portfolio Investment Division and a Property Investment Division.

Year founded


Served area



115, Grigori Afxentiou Avenue, Kokkinotrimithia Industrial Area, 2660 Nicosia – Cyprus

Financial statements

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Line item in (eur) 01.01.2020 01.01.2021 01.01.2022
Assets N/A 82,926,228.00 87,660,088.00
Noncurrent Assets N/A 72,940,655.00 78,230,827.00
Property Plant And Equipment N/A 35,070,986.00 35,706,649.00
Investment Property N/A 13,634,608.00 13,310,787.00
Investments In Subsidiaries N/A 0.00 0.00
Noncurrent Financial Assets At Fair Value Through Other Comprehensive Income N/A 19,854,160.00 25,022,130.00
Current Assets N/A 9,985,573.00 9,429,261.00
Inventories N/A 4,718,775.00 4,861,079.00
Trade And Other Current Receivables N/A 3,895,057.00 3,392,621.00
Trade And Other Current Receivables Due From Related Parties N/A 0.00 0.00
Current Tax Assets Current N/A 59,152.00 110,833.00
Cash and cash equivalents N/A 1,312,589.00 1,064,728.00
Equity And Liabilities N/A 82,926,228.00 87,660,088.00
Equity 59,641,476.00 60,998,554.00 65,263,383.00
Issued Capital N/A 25,703,782.00 25,703,782.00
Other Reserves N/A 35,294,772.00 39,559,601.00
Liabilities N/A 21,927,674.00 22,396,705.00
Noncurrent Liabilities N/A 13,689,787.00 9,478,854.00
Deferred Tax Liabilities N/A 3,692,171.00 3,655,504.00
Current Liabilities N/A 8,237,887.00 12,917,851.00
Current Tax Liabilities Current N/A 333,478.00 113,547.00
Line item in (eur) 01.01.2020/
Revenue 24,478,331.00 23,539,658.00
Other Income 1,296,369.00 1,306,435.00
Profit Loss From Operating Activities 1,805,153.00 854,945.00
Finance Income 7,067.00 0.00
Finance Costs 288,401.00 231,927.00
Profit Loss Before Tax 1,523,819.00 299,197.00
Income Tax Expense Continuing Operations 173,665.00 36,979.00
Profit (loss) 1,350,154.00 262,218.00
Line item in (eur) 01.01.2021 01.01.2022
Profit (loss) 1,350,154.00 262,218.00
Adjustments For Income Tax Expense 173,665.00 36,979.00
Adjustments For Decrease Increase In Inventories 138,781.00 -142,304.00
Cash Flows From Used In Operations 3,844,378.00 2,513,053.00
Interest Paid Classified As Operating Activities 144,893.00 168,562.00
Cash Flows From Used In Operating Activities 3,552,974.00 1,954,658.00
Proceeds From Sales Of Property Plant And Equipment Classified As Investing Activities 9,098.00 13,802.00
Purchase Of Property Plant And Equipment Classified As Investing Activities 1,813,126.00 1,941,687.00
Purchase Of Intangible Assets Classified As Investing Activities 161,376.00 64,350.00
Dividends Received Classified As Investing Activities 545,386.00 862,016.00
Interest Received Classified As Investing Activities 0.00 0.00
Cash Flows From Used In Investing Activities -806,861.00 -2,227,346.00
Dividends Paid Classified As Financing Activities 270,000.00 630,000.00
Cash Flows From Used In Financing Activities 730,832.00 -2,293,666.00
Increase (decrease) in cash and cash equivalents after effect of exchange rate changes 3,476,945.00 -2,566,354.00
Cash and cash equivalents 1,312,589.00 1,064,728.00

Please note that some sums might not add up.

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