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ISIN: GB0004052071 | Ticker: HLMA | LEI: 2138007FRGLUR9KGBT40
Sector: Health CareSub-Industry: Health Care Technology
Country: United Kingdom

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Halma is a global group of life-saving technology companies. Named as one of Britain's Most Admired Companies, our group of around 45 companies provide innovative products and services that help solve many of the key problems facing the world today.

Halma was listed on the London Stock Exchange in January 1972 and became a publicly-traded company. A series of acquisitions were made of mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering companies and successful management generated strong organic growth.

This created the basis for the international technology group that Halma is today. The company changed its name to Halma Limited in 1973 and registered as a public limited company in 1981, becoming Halma plc.

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Misbourne Court, Rectory Way, HP7 0DE Amersham – United Kingdom

Financial statements

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Line item in (gbp) 02.04.2020 01.04.2021 02.04.2021 01.04.2022
Assets N/A 1,877,900,000.00 N/A 2,197,000,000.00
Noncurrent Assets N/A 1,303,800,000.00 N/A 1,484,300,000.00
Property Plant And Equipment N/A 180,800,000.00 N/A 194,000,000.00
Goodwill N/A 808,500,000.00 N/A 908,700,000.00
Intangible Assets Other Than Goodwill N/A 290,000,000.00 N/A 325,200,000.00
Investments In Subsidiaries Joint Ventures And Associates N/A 9,300,000.00 N/A 8,200,000.00
Deferred Tax Assets N/A 1,300,000.00 N/A 2,400,000.00
Current Tax Assets Noncurrent N/A 13,900,000.00 N/A 14,700,000.00
Noncurrent Recognised Assets Defined Benefit Plan N/A 0.00 N/A 31,100,000.00
Current Assets N/A 574,100,000.00 N/A 712,700,000.00
Inventories N/A 167,800,000.00 N/A 228,800,000.00
Trade And Other Current Receivables N/A 268,000,000.00 N/A 325,100,000.00
Current Tax Assets Current N/A 2,500,000.00 N/A 700,000.00
Cash and cash equivalents 105,400,000.00 131,100,000.00 131,100,000.00 156,700,000.00
Cash N/A 134,100,000.00 N/A 157,400,000.00
Equity 1,136,900,000.00 1,167,600,000.00 1,167,600,000.00 1,403,100,000.00
Issued Capital N/A 38,000,000.00 N/A 38,000,000.00
Retained Earnings N/A 1,065,800,000.00 N/A 1,274,800,000.00
Share Premium N/A 23,600,000.00 N/A 23,600,000.00
Treasury Shares N/A 20,900,000.00 N/A 30,700,000.00
Other Reserves N/A -13,600,000.00 N/A -19,900,000.00
Capital Redemption Reserve N/A 200,000.00 N/A 200,000.00
Equity Attributable To Owners Of Parent N/A 1,167,000,000.00 N/A 1,402,700,000.00
Noncontrolling Interests N/A 600,000.00 N/A 400,000.00
Liabilities N/A 710,300,000.00 N/A 793,900,000.00
Noncurrent Liabilities N/A 462,300,000.00 N/A 430,000,000.00
Other Longterm Provisions N/A 8,400,000.00 N/A 7,700,000.00
Noncurrent Payables N/A 16,800,000.00 N/A 19,000,000.00
Deferred Tax Liabilities N/A 40,600,000.00 N/A 58,500,000.00
Noncurrent Recognised Liabilities Defined Benefit Plan N/A 22,500,000.00 N/A 600,000.00
Longterm Borrowings N/A 322,300,000.00 N/A 287,600,000.00
Current Liabilities N/A 248,000,000.00 N/A 363,900,000.00
Other Shortterm Provisions N/A 35,400,000.00 N/A 20,700,000.00
Trade And Other Current Payables N/A 186,700,000.00 N/A 242,700,000.00
Current Tax Liabilities Current N/A 8,900,000.00 N/A 11,600,000.00
Line item in (gbp) 01.04.2020/
Profit (loss) 203,300,000.00 244,200,000.00
Line item in (gbp) 01.04.2021 02.04.2020 01.04.2022 02.04.2021
Profit (loss) 203,300,000.00 N/A 244,200,000.00 N/A
Cash Flows From Used In Operating Activities 277,600,000.00 N/A 237,400,000.00 N/A
Cash Flows From Losing Control Of Subsidiaries Or Other Businesses Classified As Investing Activities 26,100,000.00 N/A 57,500,000.00 N/A
Cash Flows Used In Obtaining Control Of Subsidiaries Or Other Businesses Classified As Investing Activities 46,400,000.00 N/A 152,800,000.00 N/A
Other Cash Payments To Acquire Equity Or Debt Instruments Of Other Entities Classified As Investing Activities 3,400,000.00 N/A 700,000.00 N/A
Proceeds From Sales Of Property Plant And Equipment Classified As Investing Activities 900,000.00 N/A 1,100,000.00 N/A
Purchase Of Property Plant And Equipment Classified As Investing Activities 22,800,000.00 N/A 25,200,000.00 N/A
Interest Received Classified As Investing Activities 800,000.00 N/A 200,000.00 N/A
Cash Flows From Used In Investing Activities -64,200,000.00 N/A -134,700,000.00 N/A
Payments To Acquire Or Redeem Entitys Shares 16,200,000.00 N/A 19,300,000.00 N/A
Proceeds From Borrowings Classified As Financing Activities 129,400,000.00 N/A 161,400,000.00 N/A
Repayments Of Borrowings Classified As Financing Activities 136,700,000.00 N/A 132,500,000.00 N/A
Payments Of Lease Liabilities Classified As Financing Activities 14,100,000.00 N/A 14,600,000.00 N/A
Dividends Paid Classified As Financing Activities 63,700,000.00 N/A 68,700,000.00 N/A
Interest Paid Classified As Financing Activities 10,000,000.00 N/A 8,200,000.00 N/A
Cash Flows From Used In Financing Activities -183,500,000.00 N/A -81,900,000.00 N/A
Effect Of Exchange Rate Changes On Cash And Cash Equivalents -4,200,000.00 N/A 4,800,000.00 N/A
Increase (decrease) in cash and cash equivalents after effect of exchange rate changes 29,900,000.00 N/A 20,800,000.00 N/A
Cash and cash equivalents 131,100,000.00 105,400,000.00 156,700,000.00 131,100,000.00

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GLG Partners LP 0.92% 16.10.23
Millennium Capital Partners LLP 0.51% 17.10.23
SFM UK Management LLP 0.56% 21.01.22
Millennium Capital Partners LLP 0.59% 12.03.24
Millennium Capital Partners LLP 0.60% 04.04.24
Millennium Capital Partners LLP 0.59% 23.05.24
Millennium Capital Partners LLP 0.60% 11.04.24
GLG Partners LP 0.79% 13.11.23
GLG Partners LP 0.75% 10.10.23
AQR Capital Management, LLC 0.50% 20.09.23
Millennium Capital Partners LLP 0.60% 25.01.24
Millennium Capital Partners LLP 0.60% 24.05.24
GLG Partners LP 0.59% 23.11.23
Millennium Capital Partners LLP 0.61% 29.01.24
Millennium Capital Partners LLP 0.59% 11.06.24
Total 9.40%

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