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ISIN: FR0013429404 | Ticker: ALGTR | LEI: 9695007D9COFPA5V9V67
Country: France

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TERA Group leads a group of SMEs specialized in air quality analysis with:

- A SERVICE activity offered by its established and recognized laboratories (TERA Environnement, TERA Contrôle and Toxilabo) with the analysis of chemical air pollutants for all environments: indoor (work atmosphere, indoor air quality), outdoor (industrial discharges, air pollution) and controlled (clean rooms) but also on surfaces and in biological matrices. This analysis activity is completed by the rental of measuring stations intended to measure in real time the presence of specific pollutants.

- A SALE activity in EOM to integrators of innovative sensors "Made in France" for real-time measurement of air quality (TERA Sensor).

- Finally, a DIGITAL activity centered on its individual citizen sensor and its associated application (TERA Group) deployed in the framework of demonstration projects.

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628 Rue Charles de Gaulle, 38920 Crolles – France

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