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Global Bioenergies has developed a process to convert plant resources into a family of compounds used in cosmetics, energy and materials. In 2021, the Group entered the market for the first time with the launch of LAST®, its own make-up brand, formulated with a key ingredient from its technology.

The Company is continuing to optimise the performance of its process and to progressively increase its production capacity, in order to supply its ingredients to the major players in the cosmetics industry and thus improve the naturalness and environmental footprint of the field. Its technology can also be applied to produce renewable plastics, rubbers and paints. Global Bioenergies also has the potential to reduce CO2 emissions from air transport and thus contribute to limiting global warming.

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5 Rue Henri Desbruères, 91000 Évry – France

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June 9, 2011

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Euronext Paris



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