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Since its formation, over 115 years ago, Baikowski has been occupying a unique place within the specialty chemicals industry characterized by the company’s capacity for innovation and agility. Its positioning within niche markets such as high-tech ceramics, nano-scale polishing or new applications of high-power LED light conversion, was reinforced by the independence taken in the end of 2018 and by the acquisition of Mathym, specialist in innovative nano-dispersions, in 2019.

Benefiting from its unique expertise and its international presence on 3 continents, Baikowski aspires to be the leading global player in the manufacture of mineral fine oxides for high-tech applications. In order to stay on course Baikowski® keeps investing on innovation, namely through research and strategic, targeted acquisitions. With its commitment for a long time in a responsible management of its resources, Baikowski takes an active part in the development of sustainable technologies for the future.

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1046 Route de Chaumontet, 74330 Poisy – France

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Dec. 27, 2018

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Euronext Paris



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