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About GEA (Grenobloise d'Electronique et d'Automatismes)

Company Description

G.E.A. has become a leading company in its core business activity of Toll Collection Systems design and manufacture and maintenance since its creation in 1971.

Today, all French motorway companies use our equipment, ranking G.E.A. as their No.1 supplier. More than 85% of the French toll lanes on the motorways operate G.E.A. manufactured electronic toll systems and more than 12,000 G.E.A. lanes are in operation worldwide.

G.E.A. designs, develops, manufactures, integrates, installs and maintains a full range of equipment: central computer systems, plaza computer systems, manual or automatic entry and exit lanes which accept all forms of payment (cash, currency, magnetic cards, bank cards, smart cards, subscriptions and ETC).

G.E.A.'s expertise in Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) covers the full range of systems encountered across the world, thus enabling G.E.A. to undertake with confidence and serenity any sort of innovative project in electronic toll collection.

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Zirst 12 Chemin de Malacher, 38240 Meylan – France

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Jan. 1, 2020

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Euronext Paris



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