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Endúr is an Old Norse word derived from the word ‘endurnýja’ – which means to renew, to refresh, to change. But endúr also has several other meanings – not least ‘enduring’ or ‘persisting’ – and can be read as a short form of the English word endurance, which means tireless perseverance; to withstand with courage.

The world is constantly changing, so must we. To be able to endure and develop, we must adapt and innovate. Renewal has defined our culture and should continue to do so. At Endùr, we are constantly searching for new ideas, new solutions, new people and new opportunities.

Endúr ASA was formed in 2019 following the merger of Bergen Group ASA with Endúr Fabricom. The merger created a major industrial group, based in western Norway, with nearly 400 employees and an order book of NOK one billion. The new leadership team has now defined three key business areas that will provide a platform for future growth – Aquaculture, Marine infrastructure and Maritime & access.

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Strandveien 17, 1366 Lysaker, Bærum – Norway

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Jan. 1, 2000

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