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The joint-stock company Branko was established in 1969 and its name consists of the initial letters of Slovak cities: BRA-Bratislava, N-Nitra and KO-Košice. In the past, BRANKO was engaged in the breeding of guinea fowls, grouse, rabbits, pigeons, foxes, minks and turkeys, simultaneously achieving self-sufficiency in the production of eggs and poultry meat. Nowadays we specialize in the breeding of turkeys, specifically the heavy breed BIG 6. We provide our customers turkey hatching eggs and day-old turkeys.

BRANKO Nitra, a.s. has been involved in the special agricultural sector for more than 50 years - breeding of turkeys and the supply of hatching eggs and day- old turkeys. Our specialization is the heavy breed BIG 6. The demand on the Slovak market is mainly represented by small farmers. The Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary are our long-term stable partners. Our other clients are located, e.g. in Russia, Romania or Ukraine.

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Novozámocká 184, 949 05 Nitra - Dolné Krškany – Slovakia

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Dec. 12, 1997

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Bratislava Stock Exchange



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