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ISIN: BG1100017216 | Ticker: BEE | LEI: 9845001FE7E54FE7BD04
Country: Bulgaria

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Bii Smart Technologies AD was founded in 2015 and develops the technology brand Pollenity.

In addition to Real Honey, our company develops sensor technology that helps beekeepers take sustainable care of their bees by receiving data from their hives in real time. Our flagship product - Beebot - is a hive device that monitors key colony indicators and informs the beekeeper of changes in the particular hive.

By monitoring temperature and humidity changes in the hive, we can detect many events related to colony health and strength. Beebot also analyzes the frequencies at which bees buzz, obtaining valuable information about them and creating a kind of dictionary between humans and bees.

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General Ivan Chernaev 2, 1233 Sofia – Bulgaria

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