About AX Real Estate Plc

Company Description

AX Real Estate p.l.c. is a subsidiary of AX Group p.l.c. The company was incorporated in 2019 with a view to holding and acquiring a number of property companies that form part of the AX Group. AX Real Estate p.l.c. builds on the expertise and resources of the AX Group to own, develop and manage real estate investments.

The company seeks to acquire properties that are located in prime locations or locations that have the potential of becoming so. The company focuses on acquiring properties that are developed and which have good rental income streams.

AX Real Estate p.l.c. holds a portfolio of properties that are in the hospitality, care home and retirement village business, offices, warehouses and other industrial properties as well as commercial and residential property. The long-term objective is to grow the number of properties held, diversify the mix of uses of these properties and achieve steady long-term growth in the value of these properties.

Year founded


Served area



AX Business Centre, Triq Id-Difiża Ċivili, MST 1741 Mosta – Malta

Shareholder information

Shares outstanding



Feb. 15, 2022

Stock exchange(s)

Malta Stock Exchange



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