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Zignago Vetro is part of Zignago Holding, a company where glassmaking activities merge with other businesses, in particular those of wine production and of electricity generation from renewable resources.
It operates all over the world using a business to business model, responding with quality, efficiency and personalised service to client needs, ranging from the luxury sector to the mass market.

Traded on the Italian Stock Exchange in Milan, in the STAR segment, Zignago Vetro has been at the forefront in the national and international high-quality packaging market since the 1950s.

Its production facilities in Fossalta di Portogruaro and Empoli manufacture glass containers for the food & beverage and cosmetics & perfumery markets. Zignago Vetro offers a wide range of standard items in different capacities and shapes, from the simpler to the most complex, all of great aesthetic appeal. Personalised and customized products are also manufactured, depending on client needs.

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Via Ita Marzotto, 8, 30025 Fossalta di Portogruaro – Italy

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May 14, 2007

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Borsa Italiana



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