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Zayam Technology Park was founded in 1962 and started operating as a branch of "Baku Automobile Spare Parts" plant.

Since 1966, after being transferred to the Ministry of Tractor and Agricultural Machinery of the USSR, STX-30 brand potato conveyor system, CNU brand beet extractors, MOS-300 brand seed washing machines, Fish protection devices, TXB-20 brand conveyor set, agriculture goods spare parts were produced.

In addition, the construction of the Logistics Center built in "Shamkir Agropark" was also carried out with the participation of Zayam Technology Park.

The development concept of Zayam Technology Park will play an important role in increasing the country's export potential, i.e. providing stable and reliable access to foreign markets, creating national brands, and forming integrated relations between producers and consumers.

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Zayam avanue,Samad Vurghun street, home 24, AZ5700 Shamkir dist. – Azerbaijan

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Aug. 16, 2021

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Baku Stock Exchange



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