About Wool Industry Tria Alfa S.A.

Company Description

The company's first appearance dates back to 1927, when the joint-stock company "Styloglou - Efraimoglou & SIA" was founded and the first weaving mill was built on the same premises where its industrial complex is located today. Its founders were two families who brought with them experience and knowledge from their place of origin, Sparta in Asia Minor, mainly in the manufacture and trade of carpets. In 1933 the company expanded with the entry of new partners specializing in men's clothing. In its new form, it specialized in the production of woolen men's fabrics (cashmere), which became known with the brands "THREE ALPHA" and "STERLINA" and won the trust of the consumer audience due to their high-quality workmanship.

Year founded


Served area



Al. Panagouli Str. 64, 14234 Nea Ionia – Greece

Shareholder information

Shares outstanding



Aug. 30, 1976

Stock exchange(s)

Athens Stock Exchange



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