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We are a large Group, with more than 500 people in Europe and therefore composed of diversity that enriches it and that row together, every day, towards a single goal: securing our clients’ critical processes and enabling them for digital transformation.

We are leaders in Italy in the Cloud management of critical processes and thanks to our Cloud4Europe project, we are becoming leaders also in Germany: our ambition is to bring this model in all Europe.

We are reliable. We seek value in everything we do. We are oriented towards long-term goals: we do not get distracted by trends or easy achievements.

We build trusted relationships with clients through long-term win-win logic. We are humble when we make mistakes and listen to others’ ideas, but we do not change our own so easily.

We integrate diverse personalities and skills around common goals. We are committed to continuous improvement and believe in “valuable” innovation.

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Via dei Mercanti 12, 20121 Milano – Italy

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June 1, 2017

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Borsa Italiana



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