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Vitrolife is committed to supporting successful treatment outcomes, through a focus on IVF and the needs of clinics and testing labs. We’ve been dedicated to IVF since 1994, when the field was still young. Today, we support customers worldwide - always with sustainability in mind. Vitrolife Group has approximately 1200 employees and the headquarter is located in Sweden with additional locations and production facilities in more than 20 countries world-wide.

In 2021, Vitrolife acquired Igenomix which is a leader in reproductive genetic testing services for IVF clinics, founded in 2011.

Together we create a global leader in reproductive health and by combining Igenomix’s portfolio of reproductive genetic testing services with Vitrolife’s best-in-class IVF device portfolio, we will be able to better support clinics and patients across the fertility journey.

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Gustaf Werners gata 2, 42132 Västra Frölunda – Sweden

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June 26, 2001

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Nasdaq Stockholm



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