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About Viscofan S.A.

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The main business of the Viscofan Group is the production and sale of artificial cellulose, (large- and small-calibre) collagen, fibrous and plastic casings for meat products. The Viscofan Group is the world leader in casings for meat products which it distributes in over 100 countries worldwide. Production sites are located in Spain, Australia, Brazil, Belgium, Canada, China, Czech Rep​ublic, Germany, Mexico, Serbia, Uruguay and USA.

Viscofan wants to go beyond the traditional borders with a new purpose “Reshaping food and well-being. For many, for long”, seeking to help to provide access to food and nutrition throughout the world, and to improve the well-being and health of people. All this with a long-term vision, generating a permanent impact over time.

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CL Berroa 15, 31192 Tajonar – Spain

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May 12, 2006

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Bolsa de Madrid



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