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We are one of the largest producers of dairy products in the Baltic States – we process more than 800 tons of milk and turn out over 200 tons of dairy products every day.

Dairy production at Vilvi Group began in 1934, in the heartland of Lithuanian dairy farming – the lush meadows of river Nemunas, where springtime floods give birth to the greenest grass in the whole region.

Cows grazing in these fertile Nemunas meadows produce highest-quality milk which is then transformed into the most miraculous flavours by our masterful craftspeople. The magical results of their trade have turned Lithuanians into true dairy connoisseurs always expecting nothing short of premium dairy experiences.

We strive for increased accessibility to high-quality dairy products & ingredients all around the globe.

Year founded


Served area

Baltic States




P. Lukošaičio st. 14,, LT-99254 Vilkyškiai – Lithuania

Shareholder information

Shares outstanding



Feb. 26, 2010

Stock exchange(s)

Nasdaq Baltic



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