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ISIN: IT0005562514 | Ticker: VLC | LEI: 815600ECA835CC2C6950
Country: Italy

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Valica SpA is a leading company in technological marketing, with a specialized focus in the tourism and food and wine sectors. With a digital presence boasting over 141 million page views and 12 million unique users per month, our network of over 60 sites has a predominance in the Italian market but an international reach. Valica offers a wide range of integrated services, from the creation of high-quality editorial content to the design of targeted advertising campaigns, from the organization of experiential events to destination marketing consultancy. Thanks to our team of experts, Valica SpA is the ideal strategic partner for companies that aspire to a significant impact in the tourism and food and wine market.

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in Via Arezzo, 1, 00161 Roma – Italy

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