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About Urbar Ingenerios, S.A.

Company Description

Urbar Ingenieros SA is a Spain-based company principally engaged in the industrial machinery sector. Its main activity consists of the design, manufacture and marketing of vibrating equipment. The Company’s operations are structured in three divisions: Vibrating Applications, Internal Vibrators and External Vibrators. Its product portfolio includes electro-mechanic vibrating feeders, vibrating elevators, external electric vibrators, turbine vibrators and pneumatic knockers, among others. The Company’s products are addressed to various types of industry, such as glassworks, chemistry, construction, ceramic, food, chemist, wood, fertilizers, cement, pefrab, metallurgic, foundries, mines, recycling and others. The Company is a parent of Grupo Urbar Ingernieros SA, a group comprises such entities as Virlab SA, Metrocompost SL, and Urbar Argentina.

Year founded


Served area



Carrt.Villabona-Asteasu KM.3, 20159 Asteasu (Guipuzcoa) – Spain

Shareholder information


Jan. 1, 2000

Stock exchange(s)

Bolsa de Madrid



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