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ISIN: PLVNTIN00011 | Ticker: UNF | LEI: 259400JC58GHE19COG44

About Unfold vc Asi S.A.

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Unfold vc Asi S.A. is a Poland-based venture capital fund that focuses on providing financial support for technological projects with great potential for success . The company was formerly known as Venture Inc Asi S.A. and invests in the information technology (IT) sector , particularly early-stage growth projects. The company is committed to supporting innovative projects by providing funding, mentorship, and infrastructure, and has a solid track record of success in identifying and supporting promising startups and technologies. Overall, Unfold vc Asi S.A. is a respected player in the Polish venture capital scene and is known for its proactive and strategic approach to investing in new and emerging technologies.

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Zwycięska 45/3/3.4, 53-033 Wrocław – Poland

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June 1, 2010

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Warsaw Stock Exchange



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