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ISIN: FR0011776889 | Ticker: MLUMG | LEI: 969500JYL5Y41I8YGO57
Country: France

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A specialist in wage portage for several years, Umalis Group is an SA with capital of € 240,000.00 headquartered in Caudry.

Umalis is a rapidly expanding group of freelance administration companies. Umalis accompanies experts wishing to develop a secure professional activity in complete independence while benefiting from the advantages of employee status. This group is organized as a network around an IT platform designed to simplify and rationalize the management of freelance administration for consultants.

On its arrival, the Umalis group’s exclusive mission is to provide salary support for independent consultants who wish to carry out their activities in complete independence and to promote their expertise to one or more clients.

Whether in France or internationally, Umalis successfully provides salary portage for consultants working in various fields of professional activity, particularly in the IT sector and new technologies.

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10 Rue Penthièvre, 75008 Paris – France

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07.12.23 None Other Buy EUR 600.00
30.11.23 None Other Buy EUR 540.00
16.11.23 None Other Buy EUR 219.80
19.06.23 None Other Buy EUR 279.00
14.06.23 None Other Buy EUR 74.40
05.05.23 None Other Buy EUR 186.00
16.03.23 None Other Buy EUR 11.16

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