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ISIN: SE0012729366 | Ticker: TROAX | LEI: 549300SDTHETPIAS7P49
Sector: IndustrialsSub-Industry: Office Services & Supplies
Country: Sweden

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Troax is a leading global supplier of area protection for indoor use within the areas of machine guarding, warehouse and industrial walls, and storage solutions. All our mesh panel solutions are metal-based. We supply products of the highest quality and functionality, using automated and eco-friendly production processes. The company supplies competitive and flexible modular systems for warehouse partitioning, mesh walls, and machine guarding according to laws and regulations. Troax constantly strives to react quickly and professionally to customer needs. We believe it important to be a local and global partner, able to offer reliability, expertise, service, and support.

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Post Office Box 89, 33504 Hillerstorp – Sweden

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Insider Trades

Date Trading entity / Person Association Trade type Volume
24.04.24 Anders Mörck Other Buy SEK 207,160.00
23.08.23 Stefan Lundgren Other Buy SEK 340,000.00
21.08.23 Stefan Lundgren Other Sell SEK 348,000.00
17.08.23 Anders Eklöf Other Sell SEK 272,808.00
17.08.23 Anders Eklöf Other Buy SEK 255,300.00
02.06.23 Thomas Widstrand Other Buy SEK 1,301,976.00
02.06.23 Stefan Lundgren Other Other SEK 345,644.00
02.06.23 Stefan Lundgren Other Buy SEK 243,360.00
02.06.23 Anders Eklöf Other Buy SEK 197,121.60
12.12.22 Anders Eklöf Other Sell SEK 577,200.00

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