About Toplivo AD

Company Description

Toplivo AD is among the oldest public limited companies in the country with a history which goes back for more than 75 years. Toplivo AD is part of the Synergon Holding – a company with over 20 firms operating in various sectors of the economy.

Even in our modern dynamic market environment, Toplivo AD has proven that it has a stable foundation able to withstand the growing competition. Toplivo AD is one of the largest traders dealing with construction materials, heating materials and fuels in the country. The company is present in 50 cities with 53 bases for trade in construction materials and 34 gas stations. With its more than 600 employees, Toplivo AD is the biggest employer in Bulgaria in the business with construction materials, heating materials and fuels.

Toplivo AD is a leading distributor of the largest and most renowned manufacturers of construction materials and is at the same time among the biggest distributors of heating materials for the general public.

Year founded


Served area



2 Solunska Str., 1000 Sofia – Bulgaria

Shareholder information

Shares outstanding



Dec. 1, 1997

Stock exchange(s)

Bulgarian Stock Exchange



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