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Established on the diagnostics market for 30 years, Theradiag is now recognized as a key player in the development, manufacturing and marketing of innovative in-vitro diagnostic products, but also as a pioneer in Theranostics. This extensive experience in the field of diagnostics, combined with the reliability of our products and the performance of our customer service, enable us to address biologists as a high-quality partner with ISO 13 485 certifications.

Present in more than 70 countries, through its in vitro diagnostic activities and benefiting from strong growth in Theranostics, Theradiag brings together a whole range of unique and innovative skills to provide a personalized response to each of its customers, biologists and clinicians. Theradiag is a leader in Theranostics and in the monitoring of autoimmune diseases, which is the third leading cause of morbidity in the world.

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14 Rue Ambroise Croizat, 77183 Croissy-Beaubourg – France

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Dec. 11, 2012

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Euronext Paris



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