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Telesia, a Class Editori Group company, listed on the AIM of the Italian Stock Exchange, operates in the digital media and technology sector. Leader in the GO TV segment, it boasts a network of 4,951 screens installed in 753 locations throughout Italy, reaching an audience of over 34 million people every week.
The circuit is made up of five channels that guarantee national coverage and a highly profiled audience: active targets on the move.
In fact, Telesia broadcasts in the Milan, Rome and Brescia underground stations, on board the Milan buses and Rome underground trains, in the 14 main Italian airports and in the refreshment areas of the motorway network.
In addition, the company, with its digital division, designs, creates and manages Go Tv circuits for communication in high-traffic public areas with an all-inclusive offer complete with hardware, software and content solutions.

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Via Ottavio Gasparri 13/17, 152 Roma – Italy

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Jan. 1, 2000

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Borsa Italiana



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