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We generate value in and from the forest. SCA is Europe’s largest private forest owner with 2.6 millions hectares of forest in Northern Sweden.

We grow and plant seedlings that will grow for a century before they are harvested to become renewable and recyclable products with the lowest possible carbon footprint. We bring this long-term perspective into everything we do. We manage our forests in a way that maintains their biological diversity, while the growing trees absorb the atmosphere's carbon dioxide.

SCA is an important part of society in Sweden, being an important employer with strong ties to the communities in the north where our industries and businesses are located. We create jobs, we develop infrastructure and we turn a renewable natural resource into export revenues. We are committed to creating value as a sustainable business for our shareholders, customers and employees.

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Skepparplatsen 1, 85188 Sundsvall – Sweden

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Jan. 1, 2000

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Nasdaq Stockholm



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