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ISIN: ES0105650008 | Ticker: SAI | LEI: 959800K3URS2BMHE3P84
Country: Spain

About Substrate Artificial Inteligence S.A.

Company Description

Substrate AI is a Spanish Artificial Intelligence company listed on the BME Growth and OTC Market that creates, buys and scales companies around AI in diverse sectors such as health, finance or human resources. All of them sell products and services built on the biologically inspired Reinforced Learning technology developed and patented by Substrate AI.

For more than 10 years Bren Worth, a software engineer, and Mei Si, a professor of cognitive science at the Resenlaer Institute in New York, have been working on the development of a biology-based Artificial Intelligence technology which solves the classic problems of reinforced learning, such as the need for large amounts of data and its inability to adapt to changing environments, among others.

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C/ María de Molina 41, 28006 Madrid – Spain

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