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Spielvereinigung Unterhaching Fußball GmbH & Co. KGaA handles the operations of the professional team through to the U16s. The company's main areas of activity include, in particular, media marketing, sponsorship, the organization of match operations/ticketing, catering/hospitality, the generation of transfer income, and youth development. The youth development center is the heart of the club. In addition to soccer training, great importance is attached to personality development with values such as down-to-earthness and humility. This concept is paying off: New top talents and junior national players are trained on a regular basis. Due to the high level of permeability within the club, around 50 percent of the current professional team has its roots in the club's own junior players. The greatest sporting successes of the traditional club from the Munich suburbs, founded in 1925, include promotion to the 1st Bundesliga in 1999 and 10th place in the following season.

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July 30, 2019

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Munich Stock Exchange



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