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Silvano Fashion Group developes six lingerie, beachware and underware brands: Milavitsa, Lauma Lingerie, Alisee, Aveline and Laumelle for ladies, Hidalgo underware for men.

- branded products are sold through wholesale channel, franchised stores and own retail operated under the Milavitsa and Lauma Lingerie retail chains. There is alltogether 680 branded stores: 631 Milavitsa and 49 Lauma Lingerie stores, among them 594 franchise and 86 Group own operated retail stores.
- is selling lingerie products to 23 different countries. Key sales markets are Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Baltics.
- manufacturing capacity is comprised of Milavitsa and Junona lingerie factories located in Minsk, Belarus, Gimil factory for jersey and knitted garments located in Minsk, Belarus and Lauma Lingerie factory located in Liepaja, Latvia. Multiple production facilities in different countries and a diversified franchise and retail chain add versatility and flexibility to the operations of the Group.

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Shareholder information

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May 20, 1997

Stock exchange(s)

Nasdaq Baltic



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