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BVZ Holding AG

ISIN: CH0008207356 | Ticker: BVZN | Switzerland

Chemins de Fer Départementaux

ISIN: FR0000037871 | Ticker: MLCFD | France

Fersped AD

ISIN: MKFERS101018 | North Macedonia


ISIN: IT0000060886 | Ticker: FNM | Italy

Getlink SE

ISIN: FR0010533075 | Ticker: GET | France

Jungfraubahn Holding AG

ISIN: CH0017875789 | Ticker: JFN | Switzerland

Montecargo a.d. Podgorica

ISIN: MEMORGRA1PG3 | Ticker: MORG | Montenegro

NRC Group

ISIN: NO0003679102 | Ticker: NRC | Norway

Nurminen Logistics Oyj

ISIN: FI0009900187 | Ticker: NLG1V | Finland

Railcare Group

ISIN: SE0010441139 | Ticker: RAIL | Sweden

Salcef Group

ISIN: IT0005388266 | Ticker: SCF | Italy

Talgo S.A.

ISIN: ES0105065009 | Ticker: TLGO | Spain

Vabtek MZT AD

ISIN: MKMZHE101012 | North Macedonia


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