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Aegean Airlines

ISIN: GRS495003006 | Ticker: AEGN | Greece

Aerostar S.A.

ISIN: ROAEROACNOR5 | Ticker: ARS | Romania

Air France-KLM

ISIN: FR0000031122 | Ticker: AF | France

Croatia Airlines d.d.

ISIN: HRCRALRA0005 | Ticker: CRAL | Croatia

Deutsche Lufthansa AG

ISIN: DE0008232125 | Ticker: LHA | Germany

Finnair Oyj

ISIN: FI0009003230 | Ticker: FIA1S | Finland

Icelandair Group

ISIN: IS0000013464 | Ticker: ICEAI | Iceland

Ryanair Hold. Plc

ISIN: IE00BYTBXV33 | Ticker: RYA | Ireland


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