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Aages S.A.

ISIN: ROAAGEACNOR7 | Ticker: AAG | Romania


ISIN: CH0012221716 | Ticker: ABBN | Switzerland


ISIN: FR0013452281 | Ticker: ALAGP | France

Air Marine

ISIN: FR0013285103 | Ticker: MLAIM | France

Alexanderwerk AG

ISIN: DE0005032007 | Ticker: ALX | Germany


ISIN: FR0010220475 | Ticker: ALO | France

Altur S.A.

ISIN: ROALTCACNOR1 | Ticker: ALT | Romania

Andritz AG

ISIN: AT0000730007 | Ticker: ANDR | Austria

Aumann AG

ISIN: DE000A2DAM03 | Ticker: AAG | Germany


ISIN: FR0013258399 | Ticker: BALYO | France

BOA Concept

ISIN: FR0011365907 | Ticker: ALBOA | France

Bucher Industries AG

ISIN: CH0002432174 | Ticker: BUCN | Switzerland

Burckhardt Compression Holding AG

ISIN: CH0025536027 | Ticker: BCHN | Switzerland

Bystronic AG

ISIN: CH0244017502 | Ticker: BYS | Switzerland

Cerinnov Group

ISIN: FR0013178712 | Ticker: ALPCV | France

Cofidur SA

ISIN: FR0013257409 | Ticker: ALCOF | France

Colt CZ Group SE

ISIN: CZ0009008942 | Ticker: CZG | Czech Republic


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