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Acerinox S.A.

ISIN: ES0132105018 | Ticker: ACX | Spain

Ading AD

ISIN: MKADIN101010 | North Macedonia

Afarak Group

ISIN: FI0009800098 | Ticker: AFAGR | Finland


ISIN: FR0014005AC9 | Ticker: ALAFY | France

Air Liquide

ISIN: FR0000120073 | Ticker: AI | France

A.J. Green Shell Plc

ISIN: CY0108821717 | Ticker: ROFOL | Cyprus

Akritas S.A.

ISIN: GRS373173004 | Ticker: AKRIT | Greece

Akzo Nobel N.V.

ISIN: NL0013267909 | Netherlands

Alcomet AD

ISIN: BG11ALSUAT14 | Ticker: ALCM | Bulgaria


ISIN: SE0017615644 | Ticker: ALLEI | Sweden

Almast OJSC

ISIN: AMALMSS10ER7 | Ticker: ALMS | Armenia

Alro S.A.

ISIN: ROALROACNOR0 | Ticker: ALR | Romania

Altri SGPS

ISIN: PTALT0AE0002 | Ticker: ACJ | Portugal

Aluflexpack AG

ISIN: CH0453226893 | Ticker: AFP | Switzerland

Alumil Aluminium Industry S.A.

ISIN: GRS289103004 | Ticker: ALMY | Greece

Alumil Rom Industry S.A.

ISIN: ROALUMACNOR8 | Ticker: ALU | Romania

AlzChem Group AG

ISIN: DE000A2YNT30 | Ticker: ACT | Germany

AMAG Austria Metall AG

ISIN: AT00000AMAG3 | Ticker: AMAG | Austria


ISIN: FR0011051598 | Ticker: ALMIB | France


ISIN: LU1598757687 | Ticker: MTL | Luxembourg

ArcelorMittal (HRM) AD

ISIN: MKVALE101014 | North Macedonia


ISIN: FR0010313833 | Ticker: AKE | France

Arla Plast

ISIN: SE0015810817 | Ticker: ARPL | Sweden


ISIN: AMASGRS10ER6 | Ticker: ASGR | Armenia

Augros Cosmetic Packaging

ISIN: FR0000061780 | Ticker: AUGR | France

Auplata Mining Group

ISIN: FR0013410370 | Ticker: ALAMG | France

Aurubis AG

ISIN: DE0006766504 | Ticker: NDA | Germany

Avantium N.V.

ISIN: NL0012047823 | Ticker: AVTX | Netherlands

Azelis Group NV

ISIN: BE0974400328 | Ticker: AZE | Belgium


ISIN: FR0013384369 | Ticker: ALBKK | France


ISIN: DE000BASF111 | Ticker: BAS | Germany


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