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ISIN: HRSAPNRA0007 | Ticker: SAPN | LEI: 7478000063MY7I7H3N08
Sector: Consumer StaplesSub-Industry: Personal Care Products
Country: Croatia

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Company Description

Since 1894, when Samuel Reinitz began writing successful history of Saponia with first production of soap, many individuals and entire generations have given their contribution to the emergence of Saponia in modern detergent and toilet industry. We are especially proud of our top brands that have become synonymous for quality and they are irreplaceable for decades in many households: Faks helizim, Nila, Rubel, Bioaktiv, Plavi Radion, Ornel, Likvi, Tipso, Arf, Vim, Bis, Lahor, Frutella, Kalodont, Di, Brinell, Skit. They are the result of the work of our experts who have mission to provide superior cleanliness and health to you and your family.

We take care of our rich history based on the exceptional quality of our products which was built by generations of our satisfied customers.

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Matije Gupca 2, 31000 Osijek – Croatia

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