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ISIN: IT0004604762 | Ticker: SFL | LEI: 81560026FA1A26642782
Country: Italy

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Glasses are more than just an accessory: they are the lens through which we look at and define the beauty around us. At Safilo, we have been true to this since 1878, when we first started designing and manufacturing sunglasses and optical frames, helmets, goggles and sports glasses. Eyewear products created with passion, expertise, timeless style and an eye on a more sustainable future.

We have a global presence with our own production facilities, showrooms, offices and design studios in Padua, Milan, New York, Hong Kong and Portland. With direct subsidiaries in 40 countries and a network of more than 50 qualified partners in 70 other countries, our distribution network reaches around 100,000 points of sale. With our e-commerce platforms and Internet Pure Player partners, we can be closer to our customers in order to meet their needs at any time, wherever they are.

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Settima Strada 15, 35129 Padova – Italy

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