About Sababa Security

Company Description

Sababa Security is the first Italian innovation cyber security vendor, that provides security products, training, and managed services to protect diverse IT and OT environments.

Founded in Milan in 2019, it develops security technologies, scouts for ready solutions, and empowers them with managed services to best fit authentic security needs of enterprises across Industrial, Telecom, Automotive and other verticals.

Considered by customers as a strategic advisor, we assess their infrastructures, identify the needs, and help to prioritize the objectives. We also provide tailored security solutions, based on a combination of security technologies and managed services, supported by multi-lingual SOC available 24x7x365.

“Sababa” is a slang word meaning HAKUNA MATATA and is more a way of life, as we believe that cybersecurity is about the community and people that form it.


Piazza Tre Torri 2, 20145 Milano – Italy

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Jan. 1, 2000

Stock exchange(s)

Borsa Italiana



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