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ISIN: PLPLTRG00038 | Ticker: PTG | LEI: 259400XSAJTERJ42VZ86

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Poltreg S.A. is a biotechnology company based in Poland that focuses on developing innovative therapies for autoimmune diseases. The company specializes in using T-regulatory cells (TREGs) to develop a new generation of medicines aimed at treating autoimmune diseases , such as diabetes type 1 and multiple sclerosis. Poltreg S.A. is currently conducting various stages of research and development projects in these areas to offer medical solutions to those suffering from autoimmune diseases . The company's strong commitment to research and development is reinforced by its team of qualified scientists and researchers dedicated to developing new technologies and techniques to improve health outcomes.

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Wały Piastowskie 1/Lok.1508, 80-855 Gdańsk – Poland

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Nov. 1, 2021

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Warsaw Stock Exchange

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