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Pherecydes Pharma develops antibacterial treatments based on the use of bacteriophage viruses, or phages, to fight bacterial infections in humans, particularly those resistant to antibiotics. Phages are natural predators of bacteria and have no demonstrated effect on eukaryotic cells, including human cells.
Antimicrobial resistant bacteria or AMR are responsible for over 700,000 death a year in 2014 according to the WHO. This number might reach over 10,000,000 by 2050 if nothing is done, and no new class of antibiotics has been discovered in the last 30 years.
Phages represent one of the most promising approach to fight these AMR infections.
Pherecydes Pharma has introduced the concept of precision phagotherapy, which consists in treating each patient according to the activity of the phages on the bacterial strain responsible for the infection. Treatments are therefore individualized and adapted to each case.

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22 Boulevard Benoni Goullin, 44200 Nantes – France

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Feb. 5, 2021

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Euronext Paris



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