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Onxeo is a clinical-stage biotechnology company designing and developing novel oncology drugs targeting tumor DNA repair functions.

Our therapeutic strategy focuses on fighting tumor resistance to treatments, which poses ever-greater therapeutic challenges, especially in aggressive or rare cancers. Our approach is based upon unique mechanisms of action on DNA Damage Response. We focus on bringing first-in-class and disruptive compounds from preclinical research to proof-of-concept in man in cancer indications with high unmet needs.

We seek to transform breakthrough scientific opportunities into treatments through translational and clinical expertise, developing products to the stage where they are compelling opportunities for partners. Therefore, we are focused on advancing products from preclinical stage to optimal inflection points (usually phase 2 clinical proof-of-concept studies). Once proof of concept is established, we seek to monetize the assets.

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49 Avenue du Gรฉnรฉral Martial Valin, 75015 Paris โ€“ France

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July 12, 2005

Stock exchange(s)

Euronext Paris



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