About Oil Terminal S.A.

Company Description

Oil Terminal SA Constanta occupies a strategic position in the Black Sea Area, being the largest operator of petroleum products at sea, specialized in the transportation of crude oil, liquid petrochemical products and other products and raw materials for import/export and transit.

SC Oil Terminal is one of the oldest Romanian companies in the oil industry. It was founded in 1898, part of the most modern refinery in Europe at the time, "Steaua Romana". Over time, the company had various names, and in 1990, based on Law 31/1990, by Romanian Government Decision no. 1200/12.11.1990 SC Oil Terminal SA Constanta was founded, a joint-stock company with majority state capital.


- capacity sea terminal at the Black Sea;

- direct access to the roads and railways;

-three large warehouses equipped with tanks and with a total storage capacity of 1,700,000 cubic meters;

Year founded


Served area



Str. Caraiman nr. 2, 900117 Constanta – Romania

Shareholder information

Shares outstanding



Feb. 9, 1998

Stock exchange(s)

Bucharest Stock Exchange



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