About Nueva Expresion Textil S.A.

Company Description

NEXTIL, is one of the leading textile groups in the manufacture of fabrics and garments for fashion, lingerie, sportswear and swimwear in Europe and America. Specialized in the design and production of both fabrics and garments, it has several production plants strategically located in Spain, Portugal and the United States.The group began a transformation process in 2014 with the entry of Businessgate as majority shareholder. A strategic plan was defined with the time horizon in 2020 with the objective of boosting organic growth and developing a plan for sectoral acquisitions and consolidation that integrates the entire textile value chain.With the boost that is expected of the eco-sustainable world sector in 2019, the integration of the group from the design of the yarn and its choice, the control of all the production processes, and the use of responsible products, will allow the company to have a Competitive advantage difficult to match in the fashion market.

Year founded


Served area



CL/ Zurbano 23, 28010 Madrid – Spain


Shareholder information

Shares outstanding



Jan. 1, 2019

Stock exchange(s)

Bolsa de Madrid



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