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NoseOption AB is a MedTech company manufacturing and selling nasal breathing devices. With a vision to create a better breathing experience for everyone, NOSA offers a portfolio of odor protections, nasal filters against allergens, and nose protections that reduce virus and bacteria.

NOSA’s journey started with an idea of the Swedish nurse Susanna who had been struggling with bad odor in her work. The idea was to improve the healthcare working environment by developing an effective nose protection that in a discreet and considerate manner makes breathing in smelly environments easier.

Several years of product development resulted in the launch of NOSA plugs – the first discreet odor protection in the world, which were launched in 2017. NOSA plugs is a unique patented product which is used by healthcare professionals, police, ambulance, fire fighters and many others across Europe & North America.

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Observatoriegatan 5, 113 29 Stockholm – Sweden

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March 16, 2023

Stock exchange(s)

Nasdaq Stockholm



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