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Norsk Titanium is pioneering a new era of on-demand metal additive manufacturing that will revolutionize industries.

The heart and soul of Norsk Titanium is our worldwide employee family. Our success is driven by the talent of our people and the excitement derived from innovating new technologies for our customers.

We have grown from our humble beginnings in the Norwegian countryside to become a global leader based on our pioneering efforts in structural additive manufacturing. The future offers endless possibilities for RPD® manufacturing. Norsk Titanium scientists, engineers, and employees around the world are truly responsible for launching the next great manufacturing era.

Innovating the future of metal is our vision. It is our contribution to the world and why we will be remembered.

All our activities should support our mission: we enable fast, clean, sustainable metals manufacturing.

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Karenslyst allé 9C, 0278 Oslo – Norway

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May 18, 2021

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Euronext Oslo



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