About NORDTELEKOM Telecommunications Plc

Company Description

Nordtelekom is a major player in the Hungarian Internet market. In addition to mobile Internet, it is also leased lines and ADSL Internet services, telephone services, server placement and can offer full Internet services on the network of Vodafone Invitels network in addition to T-com and T-com. Hungarian-owned NordTelekom Nyrt. listed its shares on the Budapest Stock Exchange in 2009.
Nordtelekom's predecessor was founded in 1995 by young American professionals. The company was acquired by Telenor in 1999 and offered its services under the name Nextra . The current Hungarian investor group has been managing the company since 2006. Nordtelekom strives to fully meet the telecommunications needs of its customers .

Year founded


Served area



Dohány utca 20. 4. em, 1074 Budapest – Hungary

Shareholder information

Shares outstanding



Dec. 15, 2009

Stock exchange(s)

Budapest Stock Exchange



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