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Nicolás Correa S.A., founded in 1947, is the parent company of the Nicolás Correa Group.

With over 900 bridge type machines, 1.000 floor type machines and 3.500 bed type machines installed all over the world, offers milling solutions designed for the most demanding production environments, such as the power generation, automotive, aerospace and railway industries.

Thousands of customers throughout the world continue to place their trust in our range of milling machines, manufactured in our Burgos plants. Nicolás Correa currently exports around 90% of its production to over 20 different countries. To this end, it has a broad network of distributors and trading subsidiaries which ensure direct, personal contact with customers.

Belonging to the group provides NICOLÁS CORREA with access to top-quality critical supplies and enables the company to satisfy all its customers' flexibility requirements.

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CL Alcalde Martin Cobos 16, 9007 Burgos – Spain

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Jan. 1, 1989

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Bolsa de Madrid



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