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namR, data intelligence at the service of the ecological transition Our mission: to enable you to qualify or pilot your strategies and projects, with usable data, integrated into your tools.

Our company name was born from our vision to describe the physical world through data, in other words to name reality, which we then stylised as “namR.

We are a French deeptech company working to develop what we call “attributes”, i.e. high-value-added data used to produce qualitative and quantitative analyses of buildings, regions and the environment.

The data market has not yet reached full maturity…

And we expect it to explode very soon. This is the very crux of our growth strategy.

Our current customers come to us to access high-value-added attributes that help them test out their predictive models or manage their risks.

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4 Rue Foucault, 75116 Paris – France

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June 15, 2021

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Euronext Paris



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