About MLS Multimedia S.A.

Company Description

MLS Multimedia SA is a Greece-based company engaged in research, development and trade of Information Tehnology products. Its portfolio includes navigation products, linguistic technology products and multimedia products. Its navigation products range includes the automatic navigation system MLS Destinator, which is available for cell phones and handheld computers, and the MLS Talk&Drive, which uses voice recognition and eliminates the use of keyboard. Its linguistic technology products include the automatic translation systems Systran, Systran Gold and Interactive Dictionary, as well as the MLS Talk & Write voice recognition and process system. Its multimedia products include electronic encyclopedias, interactive learning courses, dictionaries and electronic translators, voice recording and translating software, as well as general interest programs like history and life style.

Year founded


Served area



Vepe Texnopoli, 55535 Pylaia – Greece

Shareholder information

Shares outstanding



June 13, 2001

Stock exchange(s)

Athens Stock Exchange



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